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  • Najm ensures road safety for Hajj pilgrims

    Najm for Insurance Services is implementing its plans to enhance traffic safety in the holy sites, providing comfort for pilgrims to perform their rituals easily and safely, during this year’s Hajj season. It is ensuring the safety of pilgrims from the moment they enter the Kingdom until their safe return to their home countries.

  • What We Are Reading Today: ‘Browsings’

    Author: Michael Dirda Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Dirda compiled a year’s worth of literary essays in his 2015 book about books, aptly titled, “Browsings: A Year of Reading, Collecting and Living with Books.” Written on Fridays between February 2012 and February 2013, the essays started out as 600-word columns in The American Scholar that combined the literary and personal. Soon, Dirda found that the word counts naturally ballooned, sometimes doubling and even tripling due to what he referred to as his “natural garrulousness.”

  • Schranz strikes as Slovakia beat Belgium at Euro 2024

    FRANKFURT: Slovakia caused the first upset at Euro 2024 as Ivan Schranz fired the underdogs to a 1-0 win against Belgium on Monday. Francesco Calzona’s side are 45 spots below third-placed Belgium in FIFA’s world rankings. But they made a mockery of the supposed quality gap between the teams with a courageous performance in Frankfurt. “We played against a great opponent. We gave it our heart. We didn’t win it by being better, but by being happier,” said Slovakia defender David Hancko.