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That’s a wrap on 2022!

Let’s take a look back at what this year brought to us.

We took part in several exhibitions, especially in the last few months, where our partners echoENG, echoLAB and DipietroGroup came onto the stage each in their field of expertise:

echoENG: manufacturing and distribution of machine tools and accessories for industrial maintenance.

echoLAB: manufacturing of Laboratory Equipment for metallurgical and physical testing laboratories. 

DipietroGroup: a worldwide operating company in the field of Scientific Instruments and Industrial Automation, system integration and turnkey solutions. 

We are thrilled to tell you about the amazing experiences we had in each of these events!

  • Hardware+tools Middle East Dubai


Rotating Machinery Technology & Innovation

Icotech was present at the MERoTIC Conference that took place in Dubai on the 11th and 13th October 2022.
The exhibition presented the innovation of United Arab Emirates and international’s companies in the  Rotating Machinery field. 

The rotating equipment, such as compressors, pumps, engines, compressors, generators, stream turbines, gas turbines, turbo-expanders are usually used in oil and gas fields. 

It was a great honor to support DipietroGroup in meeting the industry leaders to discuss about the turnkey solutions for Machine Monitoring and specialized Services on rotating machines.


The World of Science and Chemicals

In Dubai on the 24th – 26th October took place ARABLAB, one of the greatest events in Middle East, focused on science and innovation, including Agriculture, Nanotechnology and Robotics & Automation.

Icotech along with his partner echoLAB had the opportunity to discuss the latest laboratory’s technologies and solutions with dealers from all around the world. The World of Science and Chemicals


Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference

From the 31st  October to the 3rd November took place the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

ADIPEC is an international and the world’s most influential exhibition in the Oil and Gas industry where all the main experts in the field discuss the latest machinery, technologies and equipment’s of the energy’s field.

It was very illuminating for echoENG, echoLAB and DiPietroGroup to meet and exchange ideas, each in their field of expertise, with all leaders and experts about the latest innovations in the Oil and Gas field and laid the foundations for new engaging business collaborations.


Global Educational Supplies & Solution


Gess ( Global Educational Supplies & Solutions) is an exhibition focused on education in the Middle East, that took place in Dubai from 15th – 17th November

It is designed for all levels of educational professionals and it displayed the newest products and solutions for modern teaching and learning.

Our partners, echoENG and echoLAB, supply their workshop and laboratory equipment to TVET colleges and mechanical engineering universities worldwide, with a long-lasting experience in the Middle East Area. 

They were present during the exhibition to keep up with the recent innovations and to better understand how to improve their products in the future to adapt to the education sector’s needs. 

Hardware+tools MIDDLE EAST DUBAI

Trade fair for Tools & Hardware Materials and Machinery

On the 22nd-24th November, Icotech participated to the hardware+tools Middle East Dubai, the region’s only dedicated trade fair for Tools, Hardware, materials and Machinery.

It was an occasion to meet different players of the market and have a better understanding of the hardware store sector for evaluating the future possibilities to promote an eCommerce platform dedicated to B2B industrial supplies. 

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